Shannon Dias

“Live empowered with intention and childlike wonder doing what sets your soul on fire”

"Shannon is highly intuitive and brings her spirituality and creative talents to her program development and coaching. Her mindful approach comes from her inner work and healing through trauma and profound loss. Shannon also grounds her coaching and creative groups in her personal experience which brings both an inner wisdom and a childlike wonder to her work. She is highly tuned into the importance of being present and honoring all of the precious moments life has to offer."
Lauri Maynard
Shannon Tibbetts, CPC

Shannon Dias, CPC

Imaginif Media, LLC
Intuitive Coach, Creative Consultant & Strategist, Immersive Program Developer, ArtIst

"I help people find and harness their inner magic through creative exploration, holistic wellness and play. Using art, energy, nature, and intentional tools you are guided to your own path of self awareness and personal power.

Online community learning via the Academy of Experiential Living

Living in Charge - monthly coaching from Lauri & I that includes a virtual community and course catalog that can transform your everyday life

The Joy Journey (January 2020)- a magical exploration that will unleash your inner child, uncover your creative potential and power, and introduce opportunities to develop strategies for your own inner peace.

Certified & Intuitive Personal Coaching

I specialize in Expression and my signature style of coaching, heART magic, uses intuitive art and energy infused transformative play for tapping into your personal power. 

Learn how to take what you know inside and share it with the world
Experience your creative flow in your work
Develop your program, course or business
Learn to express your authentic self whether at work or play
Harness your inner child to release your magic

Specialty Workshops as scheduled

Sacred Circles
open to all and designed to offer you support and guidance in ways that promote healing and spiritual growth

Art Fun: intuitively creating art from the heart while we explore the meanings and messages behind them.
Magic Hour: An Intuitive playground for exploring the energy in and around us.
Keep Going: discussion group for surviving and thriving after trauma, based on the first year of my long journey of grief after my son died of an overdose on Block Island at the age of 22.

Purposeful Play
inclusive group games, immersive role playing, and family fun

Role Playing Games: game nights utilizing a unique entry level game that is also fun for advanced players. Players can choose to work alone or collaboratively towards a common goal. Games of this type are fun while providing opportunities for problem solving and discussion.
Find Your Fit!: FUN fitness games


Shannon is a certified and intuitive coach helping people discover where their joy lives. Shannon is especially talented in creating innovative ideas to reach goals and work towards the future and her childlike ability to treat everyday like an adventure helps others see the possibilities in their own life. Both an artist and energy worker she believes everyone has magic inside them and guides them to find their own authenticity. She has a gift of seeing past the human experience where creative potential lives and provides a loving and uplifting experience on the path between human chaos and spiritual connection.

Her company, Imaginif Media LLC, also provides creative services and solutions for both individuals and businesses through program development, talent resourcing and community engagement.

Shannon has a degree in Television Production with 25 years in the Media and Marketing Industry and has received several awards for both broadcast and marketing. Her extensive Management and Technology expertise combined with educational program development and event coordination provides an unmatched resource for increasing awareness and ongoing program development.

In addition, Shannon has experience creating hands-on educational programs from preschool through adult and in 2015 began focusing on the importance of getting families more connected with how to fuel their mind, body and spirit for a whole self wellness approach. In 2018 she formed Intentional Heart, a 501(3)C non profit,  with the mission to create immersive experiences, retreats, workshops and programming that enrich and empower everyone’s life. After the recent death of her son July 2018, at the age of 22, she outlined wave22, a program aimed at young adults to provide them with a “mental and physical playground” during the most critical time of their life and offer a practical and exciting solution for the addiction epidemic in this country. This program is currently under development. 

She worked with a local non profit to develop their Dig Deep program, a community wide basic gardening initiative, to educate and gather for the purpose of helping people to understand our bodies’ connection with food, how it is grown, and the nutritional benefits of locally sourced food and sustainable agriculture.

She is an artist and child at heart and uses this playful approach to guide the individual and provide unique opportunities for personal growth.