Lauri Maynard

“Live and grow in alignment with your authentic self to create a life you love”

Lauri Maynard

 "Lauri is very spiritually intuitive while also integrating the logic of science and psychology in her teaching and coaching approach. She also grounds most of her strategies and suggestions in personal experience. Lauri has had to push through many hardships as a single mother on a low income. She is openly authentic and is not going to have you do something she hasn’t worked through already and seen results."

Lauri Maynard, MA, LMHC, CPC

Growing Forward Inc.
Certified Personal Coach, Licensed Holistic / Mental Health Counselor, Program Developer, Author

"It is my mission to help people wake up to who they really are. Underneath all that we think we know is a vast wealth of potential just waiting to be realized. Science is tapping into it, spiritual leaders are talking about it and the arts are expressing it. It is there for all of us. No matter who you are, or what you are going through, you have an inner wisdom that knows what you need and  can point you in the right direction of finding out what to do next."

Journey with Me

Certified Personal Coaching
"Growing the Whole Way" Signature package: one on one coaching utilizing a comprehensive program using your whole self to create lasting change

Life Hacks with Lauri a group think tank for everyday challenges

Online community learning via the Academy of Experiential Living

Living in Charge - a virtual community and catalog that can transform your everyday life

Growing the Whole Way virtual- (coming soon) a beautiful melding of therapeutic techniques and energetic rituals that take you on a 12 month holistic self care journey focusing on you, your life, and your goals to create the guidebook of YOU.

LOCAL Workshops as scheduled



Lauri has worked hard to push through many life struggles and transform them into steps that have helped her evolve into the person she is today. As a single parent without the aid of financial assistance or a support network she had to figure out how to make personal changes by blind faith and falling down many times. Her efforts to get up, reset and keep going were the building blocks to the Growing The Whole Way program she developed.

Lauri graduated from Salve Regina University with a degree in Holistic Counseling. She then went on to get licensed as a Mental Health Counselor and a certification as a Personal Coach.  In her work she recognizes that each of us has a perfectly chaotic and meaningful journey. Through experience she also knows self awareness, self care and support are the basics for a more peaceful path to your next goal. Despite the early difficulty she had cultivating these basics in her own life she did find that with certain tools she was able to access levels of awareness that opened doors for support and opportunity. For Lauri Growing The Whole Way isn’t just a program it’s how she learned to live and find joy when everything else failed. 

Today Lauri’s two children are grown and she has a thriving full time coaching and counseling practice. She especially enjoys her groups and classes where she can be present as her students wake up and live their true happiness. As a partner in the Creative Compass Collaborative Lauri also loves to help others bring together the community and support she wasn’t able to access when she was beginning to step into herself.

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