What do you mean immersive?

Our experiences are designed to bring you into the moment. Sometimes that will be as simple as guiding you to be present in the project underway and other times it will mean when you walk into the "room" you will be transported to a new place or time. And sometimes you will even be creating the tools to enhance that immersion.

What’s drop in mean?

Stop by and visit, if you like what you see and want to use the space to create something then join us. There is a flat rate for using the space and bringing your own materials and another rate if you use ours. Ask us about memberships to save some cash!

How do I join the collaborative?

Do you have a skill, craft, or specialty that you want to share? Let us help you create a workshop and move joy forward.

What is holistic?

It seems everyone has a different meaning for that one word.  The definition of it is looking at things as a whole. Here we believe in a whole self, mind/body/spirit, approach to life. In order to be healthy and feel well in all areas of your life, we believe, that each area needs daily care and intention.

Do you sell products?

We sell services. And we support local business, non profits and artists so the answer is, sort of. We have art available for purchase to help support local artists.  We support Intentional Heart, a non profit founded by one of our founding "Compass Guides" Shannon Tibbetts, through donated time and specific workshop fees as noted.  We collaborate with local business to highlight their services and offerings.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! We rock, just let us know how we can help.