Creative Compass Collaborative


🎨Creative Corner space
🎨Community events
🎨Explore our materials at an additional charge per use
🎨artist space available for display/sale
❤️Creative Compass Collaborative donates a portion of every service to charity.

    • Shared space to create
    • Limited to only 5 memberships!
    • Includes all PAID COMPASS MEMBER perks!!
    • One space to display artwork in the studio.
    • Included on the Creative Compass Collaborative website as an Artist Member
    • Included on the Intentional Heart website as an Intentional heARTIST (optional)
    • Included in additional social media posts on facebook and instagram
    • Special group activities and community involvement
    • Opportunities to do shows as members of the Creative Compass Collaborative and Intentional heARTISTS
    • Donation to charity collected for any artwork sold
    • Coupon for 1 free workshop
    • 10% discounts on all services
      exclusive member events
    • a sigil sticker (our fancy logo)
    • ability to reserve studio space in advance$20 monthly self care investment ( approximately $350 value)

We support the Intentional heARTISTS program by providing special rates for local artists to work, display, and sell their artwork because we believe that much joy comes from artistic adventures and art.