We offer a variety of programs and events in creative expression, holistic wellness and personal growth.


Our Signature Guided Community for ONLY $45 month

"Living in Charge"

Lauri & Shannon guide you through the trials of being human using intuition and logic to make mind, body, and spirit connections that promote wellness and joy.

  • 2 coaching sessions live each month with 2 holistic professionals
  • Growing online library of content
  • Online community for daily support and connection


Join Living in Charge with an annual membership of ONLY $40 per month and you will also get 1 full year of Sacred Circles FREE! That is 6 hours of live coaching EVERY MONTH plus an online class site with videos, pdfs, and other valuable resources to help you BRING JOY FORWARD!

Intuitive Art
Life Hacks
Magic Hour
Keep Going ( Grief / loss support )

SMALL GROUP GATHERINGS & EVENTS for only $45 per month

"Sacred Circles" support you on your journey.

Our online monthly reflective gatherings provide a safe place to pause, practice and play.

We strive to offer support and guidance in ways that promote healing and spiritual growth.
This course gives you monthly access to live and past sessions of
Intuitive Art
Magic Hour
Life Hacks
Keep Going (grief and trauma)

Very relaxed and inviting

5.0 rating
May 3, 2020

I loved that they encouraged people to do what they felt and use their intuition.



5.0 rating
January 17, 2020

It was a very warm and inviting environment.


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4.0 rating
January 18, 2021

It is with sad regret to inform you StarDataGroup.com is shutting down.
It has been a tough year all round and we decided to go out with a bang!
Any group of databases listed below is $49 or $149 for all 16 databases in this one time offer.
You can purchase it at www.StarDataGroup.com and view samples.
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43,535,433 LinkedIn Records
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28,147,835 Companies
– Forex
Forex South Africa 113,550 Forex Traders
Forex Australia 135,696 Forex Traders
Forex UK 779,674 Forex Traders
– UK Companies Database
521,303 Companies
– German Databases
German Companies Database: 2,209,191 Companies
German Executives Database: 985,048 Executives
– Australian Companies Database
1,806,596 Companies
– UAE Companies Database
950,652 Companies
– Affiliate Marketers Database
494,909 records
– South African Databases
B2B Companies Database: 1,462,227 Companies
Directors Database: 758,834 Directors
Healthcare Database: 376,599 Medical Professionals
Wholesalers Database: 106,932 Wholesalers
Real Estate Agent Database: 257,980 Estate Agents
Forex South Africa: 113,550 Forex Traders
Visit www.stardatagroup.com or contact us with any queries.
Kind Regards,

Bennett Studer

Qdnq Nsf Xd

3.0 rating
January 16, 2021

DOMAIN SERVICES EXPIRATION NOTICE FOR creativecompasscollaborative.com
Domain Notice Expiry ON: Jan 16, 2021
We have actually not received a settlement from you.
We’ve tried to contact you but were not able to contact you.
See: https://bit.ly/3qpHamG
For details and also to post a discretionary payment for your domain website services.

Olen Jackman

Wp Un e

1.0 rating
January 16, 2021

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Indiana Higinbotham


Academy of Experiential Living

We offer a variety of classes and events in creative expression, holistic wellness and personal growth including the Serendipity Summit, a 7 day journey through the energy in and around you using the Chakra system as your guide. This online course also includes a private facebook group for added support.

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Collaborative Couch


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